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Tony’s Rise: Mmm, Beefy!

Tony’s Rise: Mmm, Beefy!

  • Vainglory
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  • Feb 24, 2018

You pop the heavy, clunky old battery out of your left puncher and plug in the little crystal shard. The puncher surges to life, almost shaking itself off your arm. With an evil laugh you give the crystal a gentle knuckle tap – and the crystal crumbles into a shiny pile of sharp, charged danger. The lady statue topples.

“Yes!” you yell. You’re rich! You’re wealthy! You’re independently secure! You have a whole pile of…

A pile of…

The crystal shards have disappeared down a wide-mouthed metal pipe in the ground.

To put those powered-up punchers to the test, tap here.
To go into the pipe after the crystal shards, tap here.